Sofia Ribeiro “Mar Sonoro”

New album release March 2016!

Very happy to announce that the album in which we worked so hard last year, -Sofia Ribeiro’s “Mar Sonoro”- was finally released in March 2016. The album, which I produced and arranged, was recorded in New York with Sofia’s band: Sofia on vocals, myself on the piano, Petros Klampanis (Greece) on the upright bass and Macelo Woloski (Argentina) on the percussion; plus some really incredible guests- Maeve Gilchrist (Scotland) on harp, Arooj Aftab (Pakistan) on vocals, Itai Kriss (Israel) on flute and a fine string section of 8 amazing players in New York who played in three tracks. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Loucas, and Andy LaViolette directed and edited all the videos.

I am very proud of this beautiful album; it was a true privilege to work with this group of people, and its a honor to have it among my collection of personal works. You can buy the Cd clicking here.

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