Juan Andrés Ospina Big Band at Dizzy’s Coca-Cola

“Dizzy’s Coca-Cola” (New York, US)

octubre 18, 2018
8:00 pm
Juan Andrés Ospina Big Band at Dizzy’s Coca-Cola
Juan Andrés Ospina music

Juan Andrés Ospina, conductor&piano trumpeters Sam Hoyt, Jonathan Powell, Dan Blankinship, and Guido Gonzalez; trombonists Mike Fahie, Matt McDonald, and Malec Heermans; bass trombonist James Rogers; flutist Hadar Noiberg; alto saxophonist Uri Gurvich; tenor saxophonists Linus Wyrsch and Justin Flynn; baritone saxophonist and bass clarinetist Carl Maraghi; guitarist Nadav Remez; pianist Carolina Calvache; bassist Peter Slavov; drummers Ronen Itzik and Franco Pinna; perussionist Marcelo Woloski; vocalist and accordionist Magda Giannikou; and vocalists Lucia Pulido and Sofia Ribeiro.

Composer and bandleader Juan Andrés Ospina brings his Big Band to Dizzy’s for the first time tonight. For the band’s debut album, released in April 2018, Ospina assembled a dream team of 26 New York City-based musicians hailing from 10 different countries. He’s now bringing the show to Dizzy’s to regale audiences with his soulful, larger-than-life, cross-continental music.

Juan Andrés Ospina, conductor/arranger/composer/pianist
Hadar Noiberg, flute
Alejo Avilés, alto/soprano sax
Uri Gurvich, alto sax
Linus Wyrsch, tenor sax/clarinet
Justin Flynn, tenor sax
Carl Maraghi, baritone sax/bass clarinet
Mike Fahie, trombone
Matthew McDonald, trombone
Malec Heermans, trombone
James Rogers, trombone
Jonathan Powell, trumpet
Sam Hoyt, trumpet
Guido Gonzalez, trumpet
Dan Blankinship, trumpet
Peter Slavov, upright bass
Marcelo Woloski, percussion
Nadav Remez, guitar
Carolina Calvache, piano
Franco Pinna, drums
Ronen Itzik, drums
Sofia Ribeiro, vocals
Lucia Pulido, vocals
Magda Giannikou, accordion/vocals

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