Concerts with the WDR Big Band in Germany!

May 30 (Cologne), June 2 (Düsseldorf)

Just landed in Cologne (Germany), where tomorrow we will start rehearsing for one of the most amazing concerts I have ever had, playing my music and my friend Magda Giannikou’s with the incredible WDR Big Band!

The WDR Big Band is one of the most important big bands in Europe and the world, and its really a big honor and an incredible opportunity to be here as a guest to play my music with them . For the concert they invited me and Magda, and what we did was creating a story entitled “Saso and the Sea”; my music and Magda’s will serve almost as if they were the film score for the tale. I will be mainly conducting, but in a couple of tunes I will also play the piano; Magda will sing her music and conduct some tunes as well.

The concert’s dates will be May 30th (Gloria Theatre, Cologne) and June 2nd (Hildener Jazztage, Düsseldorf). I will post some updates on the whole experience soon!

Photo by Adrien H. Thillman @2017

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