“Like Someone in Love” (J. Van Heusen, big band arr. Juan Andrés Ospina), score+parts


Here is a PDF downloadable file which contains the full score and parts of my big band arrangement rendition of this classic jazz standard “Like Someone in Love”. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, and if you ever play it live please let me know!


  • Woodwinds: flute, alto sax 1, alto sax 2, tenor sax 1, tenor sax 2, bass clarinet/baritone sax
  • Trumpets: trumpet 1, trumpet 2, trumpet 3, trumpet 4
  • Trombones: trombone 1, trombone 2, trombone 3, bass trombone
  • Rhythm section: guitar, piano, bass, drums
  •      *this arrangement works perfectly fine without the flute part, in case you don’t have one in your band!

    About “Like Someone in Love”:

    “Like Someone in Love” is a classic jazz standard. For my big band arrangement I expanded the melody a lot with long notes, creating a whole harmonic texture underneath it created from counterpoint lines. It is very powerful, and I always love playing it live. This arrangement is part of my big band album “Tramontana” (2018).

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