The trilogy is now complete!

Very proud of this trilogy of Sofia Ribeiro’s albums: “Ar” (2012), “Mar Sonoro” (2016) and “Lunga” (2019). We recorded the three of them with Sofia, Petros (upright bass), Marcelo (percussion), and myself on the piano. I produced the three of them, and arranged most of the music. The three albums have artwork and photos by my sister Silvia Ospina, and all of them have the same triptych concept that appears when you open them. The three were mixed and mastered by Jeremy Loucas. The three albums have 10 songs each, all taken care of to the smallest detail. The three are 100% independent products, financed with the direct support of those who believe in what we do. The three have lots of amazing guests. They are an essential part of what I have done as a musician, and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with this incredibly beautiful music and talented people. Thanks to Sofia for letting me be part of this amazing project. I really recommend listening to them all: the whole collection!

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